Tarot Tantra Esoterica Tarot Deck and Guide Book Bundle

by: Robert Ryan

Artist: Robert Ryan

Type: Tarot Deck and Book

Size: Deck is 4 3/4" (h) x 2 3/4" (w) | Book is

11 3/4" (h) x 8 1/4" (w) x 192 Pages

Tarot Tantra Esoterica

A tarot deck (78 cards) and accompanying book (192 pages) created by Robert Ryan applying various mythological and occult information. The deck is deeply influenced by Tarot De Marseille which is one of the oldest decks still in production.

Using the Marseille deck as an intuitive foundation has allowed the artist to weave the concepts of his own practice and experience into a fresh perspective and Exciting, Bold and Colorful approach to this continually evolving and mysterious art form.

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