Tattoo Schemes and Eddy's Sketchbook Book Bundle

by: Eddy Deutsche

Artist: Eddy Deutsche

Page Count and Size: 263 pages | 12 1/4" (h) x 9 1/4" (w) / 31 x 23.5cm (Tattoo Schemes) / 260 pages | 11" (h) x 8 1/2" (w) / 28 x 21.6cm (Eddy's Sketchbook)

Type: Book

Tattoo Schemes and Eddy's Sketchbook Book Bundle - the two books will ship together at a lower combined rate.

Tattoo Schemes is a 263 page hardcover book featuring a curated selection of illustrations and tattoo photos of Eddy Deutsche’s work from 1988 - 1995. It includes 48 pages of multiple layer illustrations and the resulting tattoos printed on tracing paper to show the overlayed appearance of the original work. There were minimal digital edits or enhancements to any of the material in Tattoo Schemes. You are looking at Eddy’s drawings and photographs as they appear today.

Eddy’s focus has been and continues to be getting the material right to create the best possible tattoo. Drawings and photographs were a means to an end, a way to work out and prepare the best possible layout, shading and color for the person receiving the tattoo. They were not objects to be cataloged and stored for future use. Eddy also drew a large percentage of the tattoos he did directly on the skin at the moment of the appointment. As a result, Tattoo Schemes only contains a portion of the tattoos and illustrations that Eddy created between 1988 - 1995.

By design, this book does not give away all of the magic. It does, however, offer real insight into Eddy’s creative process.

To complement the work in Tattoo Schemes, we are releasing Eddy’s Sketchbook. Eddy’s Sketchbook is a duplication of a sketchbook from the same time period as Tattoo Schemes (1992 - 1995). It can be purchased on its own or with Tattoo Schemes. Sketchbooks that are purchased with Tattoo Schemes as a bundle will ship together at a lower shipping rate. Please click here to purchase the two books together - Tattoo Schemes and Eddy’s Sketchbook by Eddy Deutsche

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