About Thomas Hooper

  My name is Thomas Hooper.
  I am a tattooer, an artist, a husband, and a father. My sensibilities as an artist are defined by how I may incorporate and blend 
  these identities into my tattooing.
  It is my belief that a tattooist should always be striving to improve his or her skill, and to be conscious of how their tattoos may
  relate and ultimately contribute to the surrounding world of tattooing.  I am constantly exploring new ways to improve the
  skills and options available to me, finding new ways to develop techniques and tools beyond what is already necessary.
  Jim Macairt, who formally trained me as a tattooer, said to me, "What will YOU do for tattooing?  You will get so much from  
  it, but what will YOU give back?"  These words still haunt me today.  I often ask myself how I may give back and expand
  on what is already such an expansive wealth of inspiration and creativity.