Big City

by: Manh Huynh

Artist: Manh Huynh

Size: 45" (h) x 29" (w) / 113 x73cm

Type: Painting

Watercolor on silk, two interlocking picture frames

Vietnamese silk painting is also known as silk dyeing. The painting has the specific technique of washing and dyeing. These two techniques always go together. In order to wash, we have to dye and vice versa.

Unlike painting on silk techniques of other countries, which is identical to painting on paper. They manage to process the silk surface to make it soft and smooth just like paper to be able to paint on.

The Vietnamese silk painting method is dyeing, with the aim of allowing colours to stick in the silk surface, not just lying on the surface. This means the silk canvas retains its specific characteristics - softness. It seems like the silk is dyed with colours, different from simply painted on.

Silk dyeing describes the achieved effect of silk painting in the Vietnamese method rather than the pigment. Precisely speaking, silk dyeing is painting with layers of colours in order for the colour grain to spread evenly and stay in the silk canvas.

This is an interesting key feature of Vietnamese silk painting as compared to other forms of painting.

Painting comes framed.

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