CANTO XXIII - Hypocrites

by: Stef Bastian

Artist: Stef Bastian

Size: 22" (h) x 15" (w) / 56 x 38cm

Type: Original Artwork

Watercolor and Gouache on Arches 300gr Cold Press paper

CANTO XXIII - Hypocrites

In this new bolgia, Sante and Virgil come face-to-face with the souls of hypocrites, those who concealed their malicious intentions behind a facade of goodness. Dante employs metaphors to depict the deceptive nature of these souls, drawing upon biblical references. The hypocrites, donned in hoods resembling those of Benedictine monks, reveal their true nature as their heavy hoods of gold on the outside conceal a core of lead—a symbol of the fraud they committed.

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