CANTO XXIV & XXV - Thieves

by: Stef Bastian

Artist: Stef Bastian

Size: 22" (h) x 15" (w) / 56 x 38cm

Type: Original Artwork

Watercolor and Gouache on Arches 300gr Cold Press paper

CANTO XXIV & XXV - Thieves

The duo proceed to the seventh bolgia, where they encounter a horrifying scene of snakes swarming and tormenting the naked souls. Witnessing a sinner being bitten, the poets observe the soul transform into ash, only to regain its human form. A centaur named Cacus guards this bolgia. Three souls approach Dante, but one is soon attacked and fused with a six-legged snake, followed by another unsettling transformation. These hellish souls are doomed to relive their torments endlessly.

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