CANTO XXVI - Ulysses

by: Stef Bastian

Artist: Stef Bastian

Size: 22" (h) x 15" (w) / 56 x 38cm

Type: Original Artwork

Watercolor and Gouache on Arches 300gr Cold Press paper

CANTO XXVI - Ulysses

In the eighth bolgia, Dante and Virgil encounter fraudulent counselors hidden by flames, a symbolic representation of the cunning they used in life. Dante is reminded that intellect should always be guided by virtue. They encounter the souls of Ulysses and Diomedes, heroes of the Trojan War who were sent to Hell for their sins. Ulysses shares his passion for seeking knowledge and recounts his epic voyage to the farthest reaches of the known world. However, their journey ends tragically as their ship sinks in a whirlwind, teaching a moral lesson about surrendering intellect to the divine.

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