CANTO XXXI - The Giants

by: Stef Bastian

Artist: Stef Bastian

Size: 22" (h) x 15" (w) / 56 x 38cm

Type: Original Artwork

Watercolor and Gouache on Arches 300gr Cold Press paper

CANTO XXXI - The Giants

Dante and Virgil continue towards the ninth circle of Hell, accompanied by thunderous sounds. Here, giants are immobile, half of their bodies encased in rock. They encounter Nimrod, who screams at them in an unknown language due to his punishment for building the Tower of Babel. Then they encounter Ephialtes, a fierce giant restrained by chains. Eventually, Virgil asks the giant Antaeus to carry them down into the pit of the worst sinners. This canto emphasizes the Tower of Babel as a symbol of humanity's arrogant attempt to reach the divine.

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