Nick Chaboya

Born in 1980 in Santa Clara, California, Nick Chaboya’s interest in art has been an attempt at communicating visually to his viewers while also creating an environment in which he is comfortable partaking. Searching continuously for the best medium in which to do this has provided a wide range of experiences and knowledge and has included the use of many tools that subsequently have helped to refine his own visual and conceptual vocabulary.

Motivated by personal and artistic growth, Chaboya surrounds himself with peers of an extremely high caliber which has brought him to San Francisco. This journey earned him a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California College of Arts and Crafts, employment at the highly respected Seventh Son Tattoo shop and the position of resident artist at Safehouse Studios. Chaboya’s work can be found in public and private art collections in both the United States and abroad, has been seen in numerous exhibitions and on people’s skin worldwide.

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